Sarah H.Los Angeles, CA

Aubrie and Brian have been walking our dog for the past couple of months, and it’s been great! You can tell that they truly have a passion for taking care of animals! I love getting the pictures that they send me of my happy pup on her daily walks. Also, they make scheduling so easy, and they are very accommodating with any last minute requests we make. We’re so lucky we found them, and so is our dog!

Charlie S.Los Angeles, CA

Viva Pets, AKA Aubrie and Brian, are quite simply the bomb. My crazy mutt loves them to death and they shower tons of affection on him. When they started walking my dog, I’d get texts and great photos so I knew he was taken care of and happy, now the trust is totally there but I still get a great pic now and again. When I went away for two weeks, they stayed at my house and took care of my buddy - I knew he was super happy because when I returned he was just like “hey dude, sup” instead of the panicked, desperate “OMIGOD YER BACK IT WAS AWFUL!!!” that I was used to. (I was a little disappointed to be honest haha).

Long story short, they’re really nice people who love animals, super dependable and responsive, and they make my mutt a very happy little man.

Wary V.Los Angeles, CA

SO glad I met these folks!!  
My dog adores Aubrie and Brian - she literally has huge love-eyes for both of them and gets out of control excited when she see’s her Viva Pets caretakers.  They just have a way with my anxious, rowdy pitt-shepherd mix that makes me feel totally confident leaving her in their care.  

They are so easy to work with in terms of scheduling and stay in communication the entire time I’m gone.  My dog has ALWAYS been weird when I come home from a trip but she isn’t when Viva Pets watches her, it’s like she was just chilling at home with family.  I don’t know what voodoo they do, but they do it well.  Call them already!:)

Sarah T.Los Angeles, CA

Aubrie and Bryan are true pet lovers!  They are also exceptionally easy to coordinate with and reliable.  They have always been flexible and accommodating, even with last minute requests.  Whether they have stayed at the house or helped us out with midday walks, our pup is always happy when we get home!

Helen H. - Huntington Beach, CA

Aubrie is an amazing with your pet family members. No one is better! She loves them like her own :)

Sarah G. - Los Angeles, CA

Aubrie and Brian are fantastic! In the past, my cat MooMoo would be taken care of by friends, or would even travel with me (she was not a fan). I decided it was time to have professional pet sitters look after her and chose Viva Pets based on their great reviews.

They came over to meet us before my trip and to get all the details. While I was gone, they sent text and picture updates to my cell phone so I would know how MooMoo was doing. I also needed to have them add a last minute trip to my apartment, which they were happy to do. When Aubrie came by to drop my keys off, MooMoo ran right up to her.

Aubrie and Brian are not only very professional, but also incredibly friendly. I felt very comfortable knowing they were taking care of my cat and will definitely have them watch her in the future.

Peter M.Los Angeles, CA

This guys are the best. My chihuahua is so happy when they bring him back:)

Carla B.Los Angeles, CA

Viva Pets is by far the most reliable and personable pet care provider in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Aubrie and Brian have both proven to be amazing with animals. Finally, I can leave town without worrying about how my cats and dogs will respond to my absence.  

In the past, one of my dogs, Brulee, was impossible to care for at times yet Aubrie and Brian have made her feel at ease and safe in their presence.  

My high maintenance Siamese has acted out with previous pet sitters but has remained calm and content in my absence ever since Viva Pets became our pet sitter of choice.

Even if you have a reliable pet sitter, I strongly recommend you give them a try.  The experience is unbeatable!


Bacon B.Los Angeles, CA

On those strange nights when I work super long hours, my little dog is left alone in the kitchen to cause +10 damage to her toys, pee pads, and my cabinets. Rather than have her pee on every thing I love out of spite for my absence, I decided to give a dog walking service a chance. 

Rather than have some out of work actor/screenwriter pull my dog around by her leash, I decided to give the fine dog walkers at Viva Pets a chance. My dog, much like me, hates everyone but this wasn’t the case with Aubrie. Upon taking an instant liking to Aubrie, my dog was ready to be walked about during the days that I would be away from her until late in the evening. 

My dog is always extra excited when I come on the days that she is walked and I can tell that her walks in the park/squirrel & pigeon chasing are to her liking. I tell all my friends with dogs about Viva Pets and highly recommend their services. Aubrie is kind to animals and not bad with people. 

Viva Pets is awesome.


Cara S. - North Hollywood, CA

I haven’t used Aubrie’s pet services yet, but I can vouch that she has AMAZING work ethic.  I used to work with her at another establishment, and she always put 110% into everything that she did.  She is thoughtful, responsible, and always early (not just ON time).  She is also a team player.  I know she has a dog of her own that she loves more than anything, and she has a special place in her heart for the animal world.  I would use her in a heartbeat if I ever need a pet-sitter!


Kristen B. - Pasadena, CA

Aubrie Davis cared for my 3 cats (Oatmeal, Matilda, and Eva) over a 7 day period while my family and I were out of state on vacation. In the past I’ve had family members come in, but wanted to try a pro. Aubrie is ALL pro. She’s amazingly sweet, kind, and my cats loved her. She showed up on time and even cleaned both litter boxes every day. As a vegan and a true animal lover you couldn’t trust your beloved pets to anyone more caring or responsible. She really is awesome and I felt totally at ease knowing she was taking care of my babies. I literally could go on an on about how happy I was with her service. We’ll be calling on her again in October when we travel again. Thanks Aubrie. You rock.

I should also add that when Aubrie came to pick up a check all 3 cats ran up to her immediately. LOL. That’s awesome.


Kyle B. - Silver Lake, CA

Aubrie is the best! She kept our dog Lilly for 4 days, while we were on vacation. She was able to help us out on late notice, due to our previous sitter falling through. Lilly LOVED Aubrie! Our old sitter is HISTORY!!!


Katie N. - Eagle Rock, CA

Aubrie loves animals. That is obvious.  And she is one of the hardest working women I have ever met. She is fair and ethical and honest to a fault.  When I had a family emergency that took me on an unexpected trip to NY, Aubrie came right over -that night- for my house key and instructions and while I was away, she took amazing care of my two kitties Sonja and Loki.  I don’t mean that she scooped the litter and made sure they had food and water….she did that of course, but she also HUNG OUT with the kitties, giving them lots of affection and attention.  She even texted me sweet updates about them. So reassuring when out of town dealing with hard family stuff!  It was so appreciated.  By me, and the cats who adore her.


Vanessa C. - Echo Park, CA

Aubrie, owner of Viva Pets has been taking care of my Omi, a German Shepherd mix, for three years now. She has been a lifesaver for pet sitting. She is one of the sweetest, most dependable people I know. After some ok to terrible experiences with other dog sitters/walkers, I feel so fortunate to have found her. Omi is very old now, and she is the only person I can trust to follow all the instructions, (and there are many), for feeding him, and giving him meds/herbs/supplements. Omi doesn’t walk on his own now, and she is very skilled at helping him along on the stairs outside my house, and spotting him so he stays upright. Plus, she truly loves him, and he lovvvvves her! When your best friend gets old and needs a lot of extra attention and care, it can seem impossible to find someone who you can trust to take excellent and extra loving care of him/her. That person is Aubrie of Viva Pets for me!!!


Laura K.Burbank, CA

Wow! I am so impressed by viva pets! I was referred to this company through a friend  and I am so glad I used viva pets. Aubrie was super sweet and professional and has a genuine love for pets. It’s great to know when a person is in business for the love of animals and not just for profit. Prices were reasonable and I felt comfortable leaving my pooch alone with her for the weekend. He didn’t seem to even miss me at all when I got back!  She is going to be my go to girl for boarding services from now on.  Thank you again for treating my animal like your own!


Sue F.North Hollywood, CA

I found these guys through their Yelp reviews and thought I would give them a try since I needed a cat sitter. I have 4 cats- don’t judge me! 

I go out of town once in awhile and needed someone to come by and make sure my fattie didn’t eat all the food and starve the others. 

Aubrie was wonderful. She came to my house in Noho to meet me and my 3 kitties (2, 2, and 4, respectively) and my 1 old geriatric cat who is 14. Of course they could not care less about people when they come over so they weren’t too interested in her. Typical. Aubrie didn’t mind, she is used to snootie cats, nice cats, crazy cats. I could tell she had experience with the feline variety. 

Aubrie brought her notebook and took some notes on each cat and who gets what, when. My cats are all very easy, they all eat the same food so basically I just needed her to make sure their bowls had food and water and the box was cleaned once a day. My old man needed pills given once a day so she was able to do that also. Anyone who can pry Buzz’s old jaws open to get a pill in is definitely a good pet sitter in my book. 

The charge was $20 a day for a 30 minute visit + $5 for each additional cat. Not a bad price to pay to make sure Ol’ fatty didn’t eat all the food and they didn’t kill each other for 3 days. 

I forgot to mention to her that we had a babycam set up in the house so we can see what goes on when we are gone, from our iPhones. I actually caught a glimpse of her in my home making an attempt to ‘play’ with my lazy bastards. It was really cute. They are the most disinterested animals ever, and she still tried! She was also very clean about scooping the box and did everything the way I asked her to. I feel bad for spying, but am happy to know she does everything the right way.

I will definitely call Viva Pets again for sitting services. I may even call for poop-scooping services as well since my hubby is out of town a lot and I really am too lazy to pick up the dog poo in the backyard. If we didn’t have a friend who loves taking the dogs when we’re gone, I’d probably call Viva Pets for dog-sitting as well.

Great company. Very satisfied. =D

C.B.Los Angeles, CA

I took my dog to work for 2.5 years, and now we can only bring dogs on Fridays. I wasn’t sure what to do with my dog the rest of the week, since she was in the habit of being with me every day. I was referred to Viva Pets by a friend, and I couldn’t be happier!

Aubrie has been very sweet, patient, and professional with my skittish terrier mix. They have bonded, which is such a relief. It usually takes her a long time to warm up to people. My neighbor said she saw Aubrie and my dog together and she was very sweet with her. That’s great to hear!

Aubrie takes my dog for a potty break a couple times a week, and her prices are very affordable! I have already recommended her to a friend, and I will continue to refer her in the future!


Talia G.Los Angeles, CA

Aubrie is not only a fantastic pet sitter, but also a great person. She is kind and loving and takes excellent care of my pets—she truly treats them as though they are her own! She is extremely trustworthy and my cats and dogs love her—even my dog who does not like anyone coming into her home! I have a cat who acts up when I go out of town, and since using Aubrie, I have not seen one behavioral issue. Not only does this make coming home a much more pleasant experience, but I can truly enjoy my vacation because I know my fur family is fine.

My pets are like my family and I would not trust their care to anyone other than Aubrie. Give her a call—you won’t regret it!


Reid C.Los Angeles, CA

Our difficult, 5 year old rescued, high maintenance, special needs bulldog LOVES Aubrie & Brian and they are amazing with him. He requires patience, can be cranky & stubborn and is a handful at the best of times. After going through several other walkers & sitters over the last two years and having him act out with them, it was a relief to finally find people who can just roll with him and who he loves.  Our Monty just turns into a big ball of love when they’re with him. Aubrie & Brian are always punctual, cheerful and aside from everything else, they’re truly amazing, loving people. I think that’s actually what our dog is responding to when they’re around. We are truly at ease now when we leave Monty home with them. I cannot recommend Viva Pets highly enough, and frankly don’t know what we’d do without them.


Pinkee E.Silver Lake, CA

Viva Pets have been walking and overnight pet-sitting my high-maintenance pit bull tofu, as well as our cats since 2009. They are both amazing with tofu, and are so reliable and responsible that I can actually relax during vacations.


Kristin I.Los Angeles, CA

Words can’t describe how wonderful Aubrie and Bryan are!! I was going out of town for work, and had a friend house sitting who wasn’t entirely sure he could be responsible for an animal.
I called up Viva Pets last minute and arranged for them to come by a couple of times a day to check in, walk my Sadie, and give her some attention.
Every day that I was gone, I got a picture message of my pup with updates, and seeing how happy she looked even though I was gone made me more comfortable with leaving her behind.
They are animal lovers (and quite cool humans), and give 110% to their clients. VIVA PETS!!


Leanne W.Silver Lake, CA

Aubrie & Brian have watched my cat Walter several times in the last 5 months, and he loves them. I feel good knowing that when I’m away, they will give him love and play with him—not just feed him and leave. Aubrie texts or emails me a daily “Walter shot” while I’m away which puts my mind at ease. They are pet sitters who truly care about my beast, and I highly recommend them!!


Ryan K.Los Angeles, CA

Aubrie and Brian are the best!  My rescue dog Mackie is nervous around new people and he absolutely loves when Aubrie and Brian come over to let him out and play.  Aubrie and Brian are professional, prompt, and also great people.  They had no problem coming over to meet Mackie a few times before they started watching him.  They send updates and photos to let me know how he’s doing which is a great help.  Don’t take it from me, take it from Mackie—they’re awesome.