VIVA PETS! was born out of one true sentiment - We love animals! Started by the encouragement of friends, Brian & I, hit the ground running. The journey started being the first and only choice of friends to care for their animals. By word of mouth and recommendations our circle of furry friends grew. So in 2012 we decided to try VIVA PETS! full time & we haven’t looked back. In little over a year we have walked hundreds of miles with pups & spent many hours cuddling kitties. We have also added additional walkers- Brittany, Melanie, & Ray to our roster to fill the demand.

We are a group of individuals that care for animals passionately. So when you hire VIVA PETS! that’s what you’re getting- not someone to simple fill a bowl of food & tug on a leash down the street- your pet becomes apart of our extended family and we care for them as such. We care for them the way you would when you have to be gone.

Aubrie & Brian

Our team:

Aubrie & Brian with Lydia

Melanie with Ein

Brittany with Sylvia

Kathleen with Xander

Nikki with Ezel

Ray with Benji